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Brandon Ingram speaks out on patterning his game after Kevin Durant

Brandon Ingram Kevin Durant Pelicans

From his college days up to his debut in the NBA, New Orleans Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram has always been compared with Kevin Durant. This isn’t just a mere coincidence. In an interview with his teammate JJ Redick, Ingram admitted that he definitely patterned his game after the Brooklyn Nets forward.

Ingram recently made an appearance on The Old Man and The Three podcast. He noted that he’s had his eye on Durant ever since.

“For me, it was always Kevin Durant. I watched him in high school, in college, and definitely watched him through his rookie years to this point. Just the way he handles the basketball.

Ingram recalled the times when he was just on the rise as one of the top prospects in the nation. Records show that Durant stood 6-foot-9, but when Ingram actually matched up with the Nets forward, he discovered that he was way taller.

“When I was coming up, he was labeled as 6’9. I thought he was amazing then but being in the league and see he’s actually seven foot and he’s doing all this stuff.

“And when I contest him, he acts like he doesn’t see me at all. And I feel like I have one of the longest arms in the league.”

Durant himself acknowledged that he sees a bit of himself in Brandon Ingram. This fact has clearly inspired Ingram to push his work ethic further, knowing that Durant sees his potential.

If all goes well, perhaps can Ingram can win as many scoring titles, championships, and an MVP trophy as Durant. Whatever happens, the 23-year-old still has his best basketball ahead of him.