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LAPD union goes off on district attorney over Pelicans’ Jaxson Hayes decision

Pelicans, Jaxson Hayes

New Orleans Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes was in the news this summer. In July, he was arrested in Los Angeles in front of his house due to a domestic violence call from his girlfriend’s cousin. The whole incident was made even worse by the reported demeanor of LAPD officers, who were kneeling on his neck, even after Hayes was hit by a stun-gun. With all the controversy surrounding these types of detaining a person, it was a very tense situation overall and it ended with the arrest of the Pelicans youngster.

Now, a few months later, there was an update in the whole case. The District Attorney of Los Angeles County, George Gascon, decided against pressing a felony charge against Hayes. After the decision, the LAPD union was very upset and they published a statement about the entire situation. As TMZ reported, they stated:

George Gascon’s latest criminal’s first airball puts a target on the back of every police officer in Los Angeles. Gascon’s refusal to prosecute Jaxson Hayes for violently attacking and injuring an officer during his n-word laced tirade is nothing more than a declaration that it’s open season to attack cops and it’s shameful.

While, as TMZ further reported, the city attorney could go for a misdemeanor charge, the felony charge that Hayes avoided is much more serious. It will definitely be a case worth following, especially since it could be a step in a bad direction for the Pelicans and Hayes.