New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson is taking a lot of heat for how things have played out this season. Williamson hasn't played because of a foot injury that just doesn't seem to be getting better after offseason surgery, and his recovery has been shrouded in secrecy. This has left many people to fill in the information gap with speculation about his injury, his weight, his desire to be in New Orleans and everything in between.

JJ Redick made waves Tuesday when he ripped Williamson's professionalism and essentially called him a bad teammate. This came in the wake of CJ McCollum saying he hadn't yet heard from Zion after his trade from the Portland Trail Blazers. ESPN's Brian Windhorst also reported that the injured phenom has been “distant,” per

However, perhaps things are pointing up a bit now. In addition to a new report stating Williamson has now indeed reached out to McCollum, the Pelicans star took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a video clip of Devonte' Graham's game-winning shot from earlier this season:

Tuesday was Graham's birthday, so it seems this was Zion's way of wishing his teammate a happy birthday. While that may not seem like much of anything, it's still somewhat notable given the noise out there of him being a bad teammate who's “distant.”

The Pelicans and their fans are hoping for any kind of good news right now involving Williamson. This season has been a total train wreck on that front, and the rumblings are already beginning of a possible trade in the near future. New Orleans probably doesn't want to entertain that thought right now, so this franchise is hoping the Zion Williamson situation will turn around for the better.