In a jaw-dropping turn of events during the CONCACAF Champions Cup, Philadelphia Union defender Jakob Glesnes found himself in the spotlight after scoring a mind-boggling 40-yard own goal, reported by GOAL. The incident unfolded in the first leg against Deportivo Saprissa from Costa Rica, leaving fans in disbelief.

As the match approached the half-hour mark with a scoreless draw, Glesnes attempted a 40-yard back-pass to goalkeeper Andre Blake. However, the unexpected occurred as Blake, the Jamaican international, misjudged the trajectory of the ball. In a bizarre attempt to intercept the pass, he leaped into the air, only to see the ball bounce past him and nestle into the net.

Social media erupted with discussions on who should bear the blame for this unusual own goal. While Blake faced criticism for the misjudgment, some fans pointed out the risky decision of attempting such a long, looping back-pass on a wet and windy night in the Costa Rican capital.

Despite the setback, Philadelphia Union showcased resilience and determination, mounting a second-half comeback led by Julian Carranza's hat-trick. The impressive turnaround silenced the raucous crowd and secured a valuable advantage for Union in the Champions Cup.

As the Union prepare for the second leg against Deportivo Saprissa at Subaru Park next Wednesday, they will undoubtedly aim to avoid any more unexpected mishaps. The winner of the tie will face five-time champions Pachuca in the second round, adding more anticipation and excitement to the Champions Cup journey. Stay tuned for the thrilling continuation of this gripping competition!