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Pikmin 4 Release Date: Gameplay, Trailer, and Story

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Dive once more into the world of Pikmin, and make sure you don’t miss when you throw them. Read on to learn more about Pikmin 4, its release date, gameplay, and story.

Pikmin 4 Release Date: 2023

Pikmin 4 will release in 2023 on the Nintendo Switch.

Pikmin 4 gameplay

Games from the Pikmin series are a mix of real-time strategy and puzzle games. In Pikmin, players take control of a Captain and his Pikmins. Pikmins are small, animal-plant hybrids who follow the captain around as he walks around. Your task as the Captain is to guide your Pikmins safely through the level, all while using their special abilities to solve puzzles. Pikmins are classified according to their color and can do different things. Blue Pikmins, for example, can swim around and move underwater. While it is not clear if what each Pikmin color can do will carry over exactly from the previous games, we can at least be somewhat sure that they will be similar. Whether they decide to add or remove Pikmins is a subject for a later date.

Pikmin also has a day-night cycle, where the Captains have to make the most of the day. Pikmins are very vulnerable to predators, most of which only come out at night. As such, the Captain and his Pikmins need to retreat to their mothership, called Onions. These Onions are safe havens for Pikmins, as well as their means of reproduction. Seeds produced by the Onion are planted by the Captain to grow into more Pikmins. The longer they are planted or the more they are fed, the stronger they become. This is where the real-time strategy part of the game comes in, as players have to balance their exploration time and plant their days to be efficient.

Shigeru Miyamoto did say in Nintendo Direct, however, that Pikmin 4 will be introducing a new mechanic for deploying Pikmins. Players will also be able to move the camera much closer to the ground, as Pikmins and their Captains are actually really small (around 1 inch each).

Pikmin 4 story

Other than the trailer and a few screenshots, there is not much known about the story of Pikmin 4. All that we know comes from previous games: we are a Captain, we have Pikmins, and we must solve puzzles with them while fighting our sworn enemies.

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