Pistons news: Dwane Casey says inactive list is the worst NBA rule
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Pistons coach Dwane Casey says the inactive list is ‘the worst rule in the league’

Dwane Casey, Pistons

Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey is not a fan of having the tough conversations to tell his healthy players they aren’t in the lineup.

In fact, he dislikes it so much that he is adamant that it is the worst rule the league has. If that is the worst rule, then the league is doing pretty well for itself.

The Pistons coach thinks that letting all 15 players on the roster play is the answer.

That would certainly make rotations more interesting. It might make a coaches job harder. Right now there is a decent balance between the first and second units. With additional players, it would add a whole different strategy for the coach.

Things would probably work out about the same way. Certain players won’t play on a given night, they just won’t be labeled as inactive. They will be active players who do not play per the coaches decision.

Another outcome is that coaches just rotate through the game in three units. There are enough players to do so.

All players being active would mean two-way contracts would have to be re-evaluated too. If the G League player acts as a 16th or 17th player on the roster, as designed by the CBA, do they get to be active when they are with the team?

It might not be an easy conversation for Casey to have with healthy players, but it is part of his job. While 15 players playing would be interesting, it is not how the game works.

At the end of the day, there are many worse rules than the nightly inactive list.