The Detroit Pistons had a successful outing at the 2022 NBA Draft. They used their first-round pick on young talent Jaden Ivey, securing the top-ranked shooting guard fifth overall. Ivey is excited to be one of the newest players in the NBA.

He appreciates the perks of being in the league, including having his own character in NBA 2K. While he “can’t express how big of a blessing” this is, Ivey he couldn’t help but laugh at the appearance of his character.

He tweeted a picture, poking fun at the depiction of himself Saturday afternoon.

“But who is this?”

The only thing that works for this character is the accuracy of his Pistons’ jersey. That’s the only thing that makes him identifiable, since the actual interpretation of Ivey looks nothing like him.

This is a little surprising coming from 2K. Nowadays, all games have ridiculously accurate depictions of professional athletes, from tattoos to facial hair.

NBA 2K even tweeted images of characters from the 2022 NBA Draft class, and they’re all pretty accurate. They even nailed Paolo Banchero’s right arm sleeve. It looks like Ivey might’ve gotten the short end of the stick this time.

For the sake of the young Pistons star and the integrity of 2K’s graphics, let’s hope that they see this and are able to make some adjustments.