The Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls docu-series “The Last Dance” has prompted several old feuds Jordan had in his past to resurface. Perhaps none more intriguing than that of MJ's bitter rivalry against Isiah Thomas of the Detroit Pistons.

Thomas has opened up again about his rather unsavory relationship with Jordan, and this time around, the Pistons legend is taking a different approach. According to Thomas, there really was/is no feud to begin with.

This is perhaps as boastful a humble brag can get. What Thomas is basically saying here is that he's won so many times against Jordan that he didn't even bother considering him as a nemesis.

To be fair to Thomas, he does make a fair point. As it was narrated in “The Last Dance,” the Bulls fell to the Pistons several times before they actually vanquished the “Bad Boys.” Thomas and the Pistons won back-to-back titles, with both coming at the expense for Jordan and the Bulls.

When Chicago finally defeated their rivals in 1991 — during which the infamous Pistons walk off transpired — it was more of a changing of the guard moment. The time of Thomas and the Pistons was up, and it had officially become the Jordan era from that point on.

As we all know, Jordan and the Bulls would have a much more successful dynasty years later as compared to the Pistons, but to Thomas' credit, he did beat Jordan on more than a few occasions. Now whether or not its true that he holds no ill will whatsoever against the Bulls legend is an altogether different matter.