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Podcast: L.A. Rams schedule released, ASU DE Ronheen Bingham visits

Aaron Donald, Rams

Derek Ciapala and Josh Kollack break down the 2019 Los Angeles Rams schedule, including all of the primetime games. The show also features the next portion of the first annual RTR Mock Draft beginning with the Tennessee Titans at the 19th pick and finishing with the Oakland Raiders at 24. Finally, Derek sits down with Arkansas State defensive end Ronheen Bingham.

Derek and Josh begin with the next six picks of the Rams Talk Radio Mock Draft. Who will land in Tennessee? Will the Oakland Raiders find some help for a roster in desperate need of talent? Check in to see where the rookies land in our mock draft.

Derek kicks off the second segment with Arkansas State defensive end Ronheen Bingham. They also Bingham’s path to the NFL and his strengths and weaknesses. Bingham also talks about the players that he modeled his game after. He also outlines how the philosophies of Malcolm X and others influenced his life.

Finally, the guys analyze the Rams’ new schedule. How does it all pan out? How many primetime games are there? When will the Rams travel to Dallas, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. How do they feel about the opening week matchup with the Carolina Panthers? All this and more in this edition of Rams Talk Radio.

Check out the show here:

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