The latest TCGO expansion has officially been released and this brings new Pokémon Silver Tempest META decks to the card game. We've already listed cards like Radiant Jirachi, Alolan Vulpix VStar, Lugia VStar, Regidrago VStar, and Forest Seal Stone as some of the best cards in the latest expansion of the card game, so it is inevitable that the deck tier list is updated. These cards would synergize with the META and would most likely be in favor of the V decks in play.

Let's take a quick peek at which Pokémon Silver Tempest META Decks would probably make it to the top!


The Lugia VStar and Archeops deck is one of the strongest of the Silver Tempest META decks. Archeops can accelerate special energies straight from the deck into Lugia VStar. The ability “Summoning Star” allows the player to put 2 Archeops in play which makes the deck fast and strong. With Powerful Colorless and V Guard Energy in tow, buff your damage output and decrease damage intake for your main attacker, Lugia VStar.


The Fusion Mew VMAX deck just got a whole lot better thanks to the addition of Meloetta. This is an easy addition to your deck, it can easily knock out your opponent's Pokemon with the “Melodious Echo”. Attach Fusion Strike Energy that does 70 damage for each Fusion Strike energy attached to this basic Pokemon. Adding Forest Seal Stone to the deck, Mew VMAX gets a consistency-boosting VSTAR power “Star Alchemy” which lets you out of a bad situation.


The Giratina VStar partnered with the Lost Zone engine consisting of Comfey and Colress' Experiment to get as many cards into the Lost Zone remains as one of the powerful deck builds in the Standard Format. With Mirage Gate, you accelerate energies from the deck to your main attacker Giratina VStar with a 280 damage output. If you are having trouble with energy cards, use Cramorant to attack without needing to attach any energy at all.

You can consider trying these Silver Tempest META decks and share with us how long your win streak is. Best of luck to all the trainers out there!