The hype around Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor‘s anticipated fight on August 26th has infected the sports world, even spilling into other leagues. McGregor, famous for his persistence to taunt his opponents, has done his research on Mayweather's family history, and Draymond Green happened to be in the wake of his savage attempt to troll Mayweather.

It's hard to not blame Green for getting himself involved, as McGregor was in fact wearing a Warriors jersey bearing his jersey number. What Green did not know is the actual player McGregor was representing, who happened to be none other that C.J. Watson.

But why would McGregor, a foreigner who admitted he doesn't care about basketball, be wearing an old school NBA jersey? Let's take a brief look at C.J. Watson's alleged history.

According to the Judiciary Report, there is a lot of drama surrounding Mayweather and Watson. Apparently, Mayweather read some text messages exchanged between Watson and Josie Harris, the mother of his three children. Mayweather, finding all this out, beat Harris in front of his children and was arrested on domestic violence charges. Mayweather also allegedly threatened to kill both Watson and Harris, “vowing to make them ‘disappear.'”

A situation like this is incredibly serious and even traumatic for the people involved. McGregor obviously saw this dark part of Mayweather's history as an opportunity to taunt him as the fateful date of their boxing match approaches.

It seems McGregor will do whatever it take to get into Mayweather's head.