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President Joe Biden played Mario Kart in first visit to Camp David

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President Joe Baden made his first presidential retreat to Camp David accompanied by his family. A post by his granddaughter, Naomi Biden, revealed that America’s 47th president apparently plays Mario Kart. In his granddaughter’s words, President Biden is “a little rusty” but still managed to “barely win.”


In a report by Bloomberg, the president shared his family plans for the Valentine’s weekend prior to their Camp David visit. His apparent trend of relaxing with his family continues even through the Valentine’s holiday.

“We’re going to be up at Camp David for Valentines Day. (We’re going to) just hang out with the family and do what we always do.”

Naomi Biden, president Biden’s granddaughter, posted a photo of the two of them playing on Mario Kart GP DX machines towards the end of their visit. Naomi Biden commented on his grandfather’s playing as “a little rusty,” despite narrowly losing out to the incumbent president.

President Joe Biden playing Mario Kart comes as no surprise given the immense success of the Nintendo franchise. Nintendo famously crafted numerous game series across a wide number of genres and platforms but the Mario Kart series remains a top contender. Currently, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the best selling game on the Nintendo Switch.

President Joe Biden happily shares his interests with the public such as his love of Ray-Ban sunglasses and chocolate chip-flavored ice cream. Maybe we’ll find out later in his administration that the president actually plays FPS or other esports titles. Imagine a sitting US president playing APEX legends at night after his executive duties.