Lionel Messi, the talismanic Argentine forward, made headlines as he skipped the PSG awards ceremony to attend a Coldplay concert in Barcelona with his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, reported by The decision comes shortly after Messi secured his second Ligue 1 winner's medal with PSG.

Instead of attending the UNFP ceremony, which honors outstanding performances in French football, Messi opted to enjoy a “magical night” at the Coldplay concert. Antonela Roccuzzo shared their experience on social media, posting about the couple's enjoyment of the show.

The timing of Messi's attendance at the concert is noteworthy, as it comes amidst ongoing speculation about his future. With his contract at PSG set to expire in June, Messi has been strongly linked with a possible return to his beloved former club, Barcelona. However, the financial constraints faced by the Catalan club could pose challenges to a potential transfer.

While Messi has been associated with a move to Saudi Arabia and other potential destinations, his decision to attend the concert in Barcelona adds fuel to the speculation surrounding a possible reunion with Barcelona. Fans and pundits alike eagerly await the outcome of this transfer saga, as Messi's next destination will undoubtedly have significant implications for both PSG and the team fortunate enough to secure his services.

As the football world eagerly watches the developments, it remains to be seen whether Messi's concert attendance signifies a deeper connection to Barcelona or if other clubs will succeed in enticing the legendary player. Regardless, the decision to prioritize a Coldplay concert over the PSG awards ceremony has sparked further intrigue in Messi's future, leaving fans and pundits eagerly anticipating the resolution of this captivating transfer saga.