Quentin Tarantino is no longer directing what was reported to be his 10th and final film, The Movie Critic, Deadline exclusively reported.

The entertainment website also said that Tarantino simply changed his mind.

Previous reports said Brad Pitt was set to star. This would have been their third collaboration after 2009's Inglourious Basterds and 2019's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Other rumors also reported that many of the cast members of Tarantino's previous films would have roles in the movie. Sony was also set produce the film.

The end of The Movie Critic

The delay of the start in the production was allegedly due to the filmmaker rewriting the script. However, he changed his minded and decided that his 10th and final movie won't be The Movie Critic.

This news may be the biggest surprise to fans of Tarantino since his announcement of shelving The Hateful Eight. A few years back, the director put the film on the back burn after he had given a few actor the script. One of them then gave the script to his representative.

Soon after that, it was copied and its rough draft was shared all over Hollywood as well as online. The betrayal stung Tarantino, but he returned to the project. Before that, he staged a reading to benefit a charity and the script drew raves.

Since the filmmaker has changed his mind over making The Movie Critic, sources close to him said that he's going to start from scratch.

The planned film had a lot of buzz and gained more momentum after the SAG-AFTRA strike ended and Pitt was rumored to be attached to the film. The hope is that it would start production this year.

Tarantino spoked to Deadline at Cannes last year during the screening of Rolling Thunder. He said The Movie Critic would be set in 1977 California. The story followed “a guy who really lived but was never really famous, and he used to write movie reviews for a porno rag.”

The filmmaker was inspired from his old job as a teenager, when he used to load porn magazines into vending machines and then emptying out the cash dispenser.

“All the other stuff was too skanky to read, but then there was this porno rag that had a really interesting movie page,” he said.

One particular second-string critic caught the young Tarantino's eye, one who was snarky and smart.

The premise of what would have been the director's 10th and final film was pretty interesting. I hope that his pivot would lead to a script that would be just as interesting and maybe also not his final one.