Tim Duncan is the definition of a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer. The San Antonio Spurs icon is widely considered by many to be the greatest power forward of all-time, with a championship-winning pedigree that spanned over three decades.

After hanging up his rather large sneakers in 2016, the big fundamental was finally set to get his moment to commemorate a spectacular 19-year career leading the San Antonio Spurs to unprecedented successes. Tim Duncan was to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame that day. This was his moment.

That’s probably why a number of Twitter users were irate at Rachel Nichols during her interview with Duncan right before his Hall of Fame induction. The ESPN reporter snuck in a question about LeBron James in the middle of the interview, which clearly rubbed people the wrong way.

The question that got people riled up was at the 3:50 mark, featuring a snippet from an interaction Duncan had with James after their 2007 NBA Finals clash.

The moment shared between James and Duncan back then was indeed a memorable one. It marked LeBron James' first defeat on the big stage, which definitely fueled his desire to win it all years later. But the actual relevance of the LeBron mention during Duncan's personal interview was what irked some on social media.

Based on these tweets, safe to say Tim Duncan stans were clearly not amused:


Fans didn't hold back their discontent about the question. But in the grand scheme of things, it was a brief moment in an otherwise lengthy interview highlighting Tim Duncan's career. Putting the focus on that small segment about LeBron James sort of does the same thing that everyone's mad about in the first place.

The question asked to Tim Duncan could definitely be considered odd for some, but let's take the good over the bad and just commemorate the Spurs legend.