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Raiders star Antonio Brown has gone ‘radio silent’ on Oakland

antonio brown

It appears that the honeymoon phase between Antonio Brown and the Oakland Raiders might already be over only a couple of months into the relationship. Chase Williams of WPXI, the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh, reported on Twitter that Brown has gone “radio silent” as he recovers from the frostbite on his feet and the team has zero clue about the progress of the recovery.

Brown evidently hurt his feet using a cryotherapy chamber because he didn’t have the proper footwear covering his feet. The feet, in turn, were frostbitten and now he is recovering from that, before he can return to the field.

The big question surrounding this report about Brown going radio silent is if it’s credible. No one else has reported that is the case, but the team has also not come out and denied the report or talked about Brown’s injury at all for that matter.

If the report is true, should this really shock anyone? Brown had his run-in’s during his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers and it appears the same could be happening with the Raiders.

The Raiders play their first preseason game of the year on Saturday night against the Los Angles Rams and that is where we should get more clarity. Will Brown be with the team on the sideline?

No matter if he is on the sideline or not, there is no doubt that there will be plenty of questions about it to Jon Gruden during the postgame press conference.