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Brent Musberger offers wild theory on how ex-Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden’s emails got leaked

Raiders, Jon Gruden, Brent Musberger

Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden lost his job after racist and misogynistic emails he wrote were discovered. Gruden’s emails seemingly leaked out of nowhere, prompting some theories about where they came from. Raiders’ radio play-by-play man Brent Musberger has a wild theory about Gruden’s emails.

Hmmm, so Musberger thinks that a “paid assassin” took out Jon Gruden’s career with the Raiders? It sounds crazy but there could actually be some truth to what Musberger is saying.

The Washington Football Team, specifically Dan Snyder, was being investigated for the harsh and inappropriate treatment of women in his organization right around the time that the Gruden emails leaked, causing the head coach to lose his job with the Raiders.

As Musberger points out, there was a second lawsuit between Snyder and a former general manager of Washington, in which Gruden got caught in the crosshairs. It makes one wonder whether Snyder was involved in Gruden’s firing to take some of the attention off of the investigation on his organization.

Or perhaps the NFL, seeing one of their storied franchises and longtime owner in legal trouble, sent out a lifeline in the form of Gruden’s firing to ease some of the public pressure.

Whether or not Gruden’s Raiders’ career came to an end because of a paid assassin or not, it’s certainly interesting to think about things from Brent Musberger’s perspective.