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Raiders QB Derek Carr speaks out on Oakland’s recent skid

Derek Carr, Raiders

Heading into a Week 12 matchup with the New York Jets, the Oakland Raiders seemed prime to make a push for the second AFC Wild Card spot. But the Raiders enter Week 14 as just another 6-6 football team after dropping two consecutive contests, one of which was a crucial game against the division rival Kansas City Chiefs.

The offense has been no small part of the team’s struggles, putting up only nine points against the middling Chiefs defense. Quarterback Derek Carr spoke on the Raiders’ recent offensive struggles to Jerry McDonald.

Carr offers something that is rarely seen in the NFL: patience. Most of the teams in the league are written off after a couple of losses, as the Raiders are (to an extent). It’s not as if the Raiders are done for.

Over the next four weeks, three games are against teams that currently have losing records. The other game is a Week 14 matchup with the middling Tennessee Titans. Winning out doesn’t seem like an impossibility while looking at the schedule, but then again, this is a team that lost to the Jets.

If the Raiders do win out, a trip to the playoffs is almost guaranteed. The Titans are tied for the last Wild Card spot, and face the Houston Texans twice and the New Orleans Saints to round out their schedule. The Pittsburgh Steelers currently hold that coveted sixth seed, but losing it remains a strong possibility. There’s no telling how much longer Pittsburgh can go with their third-string quarterback and practice squad skill players.