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Raiders’ owner Mark Davis prefers not to be on Hard Knocks

Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis isn’t interested in your TV watching pleasure this summer.

The famed HBO television series “Hard Knocks” is currently as popular as ever. With the Cleveland Browns taking part in the annual taping of the program just last year, it appears as though at least one NFL franchise wants absolutely no part of the next installment of “Hard Knocks.”

Still, Davis does not want the once heralded franchise anywhere near the ever-popular television series.

Leading to the high interest in the Raiders potentially being involved with “Hard Knocks” this summer, Oakland notably encountered quite the hot start to its offseason. Most infamously, the Raiders managed to acquire All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown in a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“You have to know where he is,” Raiders head coach Jon Gruden recently told the Star Tribune. “He can help your running game. Put a safety over the top to double that guy, that helps you run the ball, I tell you. It helps the other guy on the other side. That’s why getting Tyrell Williams was huge. Somebody that can take advantage of some one-on-one looks.

“It’s also nice to have a receiver who couldn’t care less what the coverage is. I remember Jerry Rice one year, he was so good. I used to see Jerry break the huddle and three (defensive) guys look for him: ‘There he is. Don’t let him catch the ball.’ Then at the end, Jerry had eight catches for 140 yards. He did it every week.”

After clearing house last season, the new-look Raiders remain interested in turning things around in a hurry come 2019-20.