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Writer for Jets website dunks on Raiders after brutal OT loss to Chargers

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Thursday night featured a tight matchup between the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers, and it ended in rather contentious fashion. For one New York Jets writer — who himself has had to bear watching the Jets lose all 13 of their games this season — he just couldn’t help but express his disbelief in how the contest actually ended.

Gary Philips — who is currently a staffer for USA TODAY’s Jets Wire, among other publications — took to Twitter to share how disturbed he was with the matchup:

The Chargers, who are now 5-9 on the season, emerged with a 30-27 overtime win over Las Vegas. Shelley Smith of ESPN detailed the game’s controversial ending:

The Raiders capped a weird game with a bizarre ending. On the second-to-last play of the game at Allegiant Stadium, Herbert fumbled in the end zone on an attempted quarterback sneak, and the ball was recovered by Chargers fullback Gabe Nabers. But because of a rule that only the fumbler can advance the ball in the final two minutes of a half, it was placed back at the 1-yard line. Herbert then leaped over the goal line on the next play, stretching the ball out for the winning TD.

The Jets have been atrocious this season, so for someone who has been covering this team the entire campaign to say that the Raiders-Chargers matchup was the “dumbest” games he has had the privilege (or misfortune) to watch speaks volumes of the mindless nature of Thursday’s contest.

The worst part for the Raiders is that they had to be on the losing end.