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Rainbow 6 Siege joins the PlayStation Tournaments Open Series

Rainbow 6 Siege joins the PlayStation Tournaments Series

Starting September 1, Rainbow 6 Siege will be part of the PlayStation Tournaments OpenSeries. This partnership aims to give players across the globe more opportunities to improve competitively through grassroots competitions.

The official PlayStation Blog post reads:

“Grab your friends and work together to outplay your opponents when Rainbow Six Siege drops onto PlayStation Tournaments. These competitions pit two squads of five against each other in TDM Bomb, where you’ll deploy your cooperation, time management, and communication skills to defuse bombs before time runs out. That is, unless the defending squad eliminates you first! Choose from more than 60 Operators, each with unique abilities, then play different combinations to find the perfect match for your team. Rainbow Six Siege also tracks in-game stats. Analyze your performance to improve before gaining recognition in the community. You’ll even earn prizes like themes, avatars, and cash on your way to the objective. Create your gameplan today.”

Rainbow 6 Siege Playstation Tournaments Open Series:

There will be weekly and monthly tournaments hosted on the PS4 console. The weekly online qualifier will follow the schedule below:

  • Thursdays: Asia-Pacific, Latin, and South America qualifiers
  • Fridays: Eastern Europe and North America qualifiers
  • Saturdays: Western Europe, North America, and Middle East qualifiers

Aspiring competitors can register at compete.playstation.com. They can have the chance to win various in-game items such as themes, avatars, and currency in addition to cash prizes.

In other Rainbow Six news, the next game in the series, Rainbow Six Extraction got detailed last week. You can check out this article here for all you need to know.