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Rainbow Six Siege Devs address player concerns in Reddit AMA

Rainbow Six Siege Devs answer player concerns in Reddit AMA

The Rainbow Six Siege development team recently concluded an official AMA session on r/Rainbow6. There, they addressed different questions and concerns from their player base, especially regarding the current stage of R6.

One of the AMA’s top-rated questions was about the game getting a gun range. Level Designer Yann Sylvestre confirmed that they are “working on some prototype where the focus would be to learn & practice weapon recoil and control.” This revamp to the Shooting Range will also allow players to visualize the effect of different weapon attachments.

Another question asked about the possibility of cross-save features. This was promptly confirmed by Technical Director Benjamin Azoulay. He stated that the feature will be available in 2022.

A question about new maps was also posed, to which they responded: “now that the competitive map pool is more solid, we will be switching to hybrid mode.” This means they will continue to maintain and improve current maps but also start development on new ones.

Additionally, several users also brought up player concerns over mouse and keyboard users on console. The R6 devs responded by saying that they understand the importance of the subject. However, they also did not want to discount the game’s accessibility for disabled players. They stated that they have dedicated people in the team to addressing this issue. They also did not have any specific details to share about the topic just yet.

The AMA itself is full of other tidbits of information for Rainbow Six Siege. This includes questions about customizing Elites and whether the game still plans to reach 100 operators. You can check out this article for more on R6’s Year 6 Season 2.2 updates.