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Ubisoft unveils the Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 balance changes

Ubisoft unveils the Rainbow Six Seige Y6S2.2 balance changes

Ubisoft has detailed their Rainbow Six Siege balance changes for Year 6 Season 2.2 in official Designer’s Notes. This also includes the addition of the Favela map to ranked and unranked modes.

A lot of the operator changes were made due to R6‘s current ban rates, which were also detailed in the same post. One thing to note is that the Nokk rework will not be making it into Rainbow Six just yet. Despite being live in the test servers already, Ubisoft is still fine-tuning the balance. They said:

“Most recently, we tried removing the HEL Presence Reduction’s ability to muffle sounds, but found players missed this noise reduction more than they liked the immunity to proximity detectors that replaced it. This makes sense, as muffled sounds have more universal utility, whereas proximity immunity’s usefulness depends on the Defenders’ team composition.

On top of this, we feel that players should always be able to trust their gadgets. By adding this experimental immunity to proximity detection, it made a wide range of additional utility feel unreliable, which we want to avoid.”

R6 Y6S2.2 Balancing Changes:



  • Added 2.0x scope to ACS12 (removed 1.5x scope)
  • Added 1.5x scope to MX4 Storm


  • Removed 1.5x scope from C1
  • Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.


  • Added Deployable Shield (removed Proximity Alarm)
  • Increased Shumikha Launcher total ammunition to 14 (from 10)
  • Improved DP-27 destruction:
    • 0 to 4.99m: 0.3 radius hole per shot
    • 5 to 7.99m: 0.2 radius hole per shot
    • Beyond 8m: 0.2 radius hole after three shots


  • Modified M762 recoil, harder to control.
    • Vertical recoil increased
    • Horizontal spread will be stronger to the the left
    • Long burst recoil will start on the 8th bullet (was 12th)



  • Increased damage to 69 (from 59)


  • Increased damage to 63 (from 57)

Aside from these, we can also look forward to Rainbow Six Extraction coming this September.