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Rainbow Six Siege: North Star announced, release date speculations

R6 Siege North Star release date, Ubisoft

Ubisoft just confirmed the next season for R6 Siege: North Star.

R6 Siege North Star Release Date – Coming Most Likely on June 2021

“If ever you need help,” Ubisoft’s announcement tweet reads, “just look up.” Rainbow Six Siege is looking to get major upgrades for the next season. While Ubisoft’s announcement doesn’t give us a lot of information to work on yet, the tweet’s words already give rise to a lot of speculations. Just look up? Will we finally get air support and/or helicopters in the game? Who knows.

Ubisoft’s confirmation of the next season also doesn’t reveal its release date yet. But given how R6 Siege‘s seasons last about three and a half months long, we’re likely to see North Star coming out this June. Ubisoft will surely give us more details in the coming days, so there’s really no need to speculate so much. We’ll be getting official confirmation soon.

Meanwhile, R6 Siege esports continues to be a spectacle. The Razer Rainbow Six Siege Invitational started just last week, with the tournament reaching its conclusion this Saturday. The upcoming season will help reset the palate of gamers after a well-contested competition. We’re also hoping that the Finals for the tournament will also reveal the rest of the details of the new Season.

R6 Siege will be one of the games-as-a-service titles that Ubisoft will focus on in the coming years. With Ubisoft’s focus shifting from Triple A games to free-to-play and games-as-a-service titles, will R6 Siege benefit from this change in direction the most? Hopefully, North Star can show us the full extent of Ubisoft’s renewed efforts in Rainbow Six Siege.