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Razer Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2021 starts this May

Razer Rainbow Six Invitational to start May

Registration for Razer’s Rainbow Six Siege Invitational North America is currently ongoing with the tournament to start this May. Teams from Canada, the U.S., and Mexico all compete for a chance to win Razer’s $30,000 prize pool.

In what Razer calls a “celebration of the incredible journey of esports,” the tournament is following up on last year’s Invitationals with the goal of introducing more players from more continents, spicing up the competition.

In partnership with Intel and Seagate Gaming, Razer hopes to up the ante this year by adding new regions to their timetable. Razer’s Rainbow Six Siege Invitational is grounded in the ideas of, “fairness, diversity, and inclusivity” in the hopes of building on the coming generations of gamers. This will hopefully create a better appreciation for intercontinental competitions which should improve the overall level of competition.

Razer to promote inclusivity 

Last year’s tournament from Razer saw only 3 regions participating, with South East Asia, Latin America, and Europe participating in the Rainbow Six Siege tournament. Though limited, the tournament was still able to garner 26 million views on their broadcasts.

This year, Razer is expanding the tournament to add two more regions, North America and the Middle East. This will guarantee an increase in participants while also spacing out the competition. Plus, viewers will have more to look forward to.

Razer Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2021 will officially start on May 14, with qualifiers lasting till May 15. Broadcasted playoffs will begin on May 21 and end on May 22.

The scheduled dates seem to be in conflict with Ubisoft’s own Invitationals though, leading others to speculate on which teams will be attending which tournament. Ubisoft’s Invitational was delayed earlier in the year and instead will be held in May.

Razer will be broadcasting the tournament via Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube. The broadcast will start at 12 PM PST.