Newly acquired Bulls‘ point guard Rajon Rondo answered questions for reporters during a team practice in Chicago, speicifically discussing the upcoming Bulls' locker room situation next year.

With other veteran superstar Dwyane Wade entering the Bulls organization this upcoming campaign, many have felt that there will be some hardships in the Bulls pecking order, especially in relation to the team leaders. The Bulls had problems following young head coach Fred Hoidberg all last season.

Rondo, however, blatantly let reporters know that Chicago continues to be star shooting guard Jimmy Butler‘s team heading into next season, with the veteran Wade being second in the leadership of the team. When asked about how to keep the players on the roster “happy” with their role, Rondo commented:

“I know how to keep guys happy. I like to spread the ball around and keep everyone happy. Knowing the game, getting guys shots that make them better.”

Attitude problems have plagued Rondo since exiting his original franchise in Boston, especially during his short tenure under Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle that led to an ultimate in-game meltdown from the point guard. After his last season with the Sacramento Kings, where Rondo led the NBA in assists but still seemed to slow down the Kings' offense, the passing point guard didn't have a lot of suitors during his free agency, and many still see the Bulls' acquisition as a step in the wrong direction.

Rondo will hope to improve upon ex-Bulls point guard Derrick Rose who found a new franchise home under Phil Jackson‘s New York Knicks. While Rondo has impressive passing skills, his jumper and overall shot ability have been heavily criticized of late, and the new Bulls roster seems to lack impressive shooting all-around.

The storied franchise will definitely enter an interesting year, but if Wade and Butler could provide some offensive success, then maybe the franchise can move towards a better 2017.

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