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Jalen Rose believes Toronto should retire Kawhi Leonard’s jersey

Jalen Rose, Kawhi Leonard, Raptors

Jalen Rose isn’t afraid to make bold predictions and statements, and he recently struck again on the most recent episode of the Jalen & Jacoby Show. Rosetradamus – as Jacoby likes to call the player-turned-analyst – said that the Toronto Raptors should retire the jersey worn by Kawhi Leonard upon his return to Toronto.

“If I was a member of the Toronto Raptors, here’s what I would do. We’ve seen guys get video tributes that were questionable. The boss move? Retire his number that day… I would retire his number that day. That’s what should happen.

You’re going to celebrate those guys as the greatest Raptors of all time – Vince (Carter), Demar (Derozan), and (Chris) Bosh – because of their longevity and their productivity. But Kawhi did something uniquely special. You give him a standing ovation, and you retire his number when he returns!”

As Jalen Rose said, that would definitely be a boss move and this will surely make the headlines. No one has ever done this in NBA history. So why don’t the Raptors continue adding to their historic championship by doing something as unprecedented as this.

One could argue that Kawhi Leonard deserves that treatment, too. He did lead them to their first NBA championship. So what if he left? He accomplished something that no other Raptor in franchise history was able to do for them.

Make it happen, Masai Ujiri. You made the bold move of acquiring Leonard last summer despite the many questions about his health and loyalty at the time. But Kawhi Leonard played with full commitment, gave his all, and poured it out for Toronto. Make the bolder move by giving your Finals MVP – on his return – the ultimate gesture of appreciation by immortalizing the “no. 2” in the rafters forever.