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Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard once used a lamp to light dark gym so he could work out

New Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard is looking to reach new heights, and it looks like he has the dedication and discipline to do it.

All of the best players who dominate the NBA have legendary work ethics. Kobe Bryant was known for his unending workout regimen, shooting jumpers at 3 A.M. after losses. LeBron James is constantly working to be in game shape, whether it be finding unique drills that will push his body to the limit or keeping a strict eye on his diet.

It’s impossible to be the best of the best without this drive. Everyone in the NBA is extremely talented, but the work ethic is what makes a star.

Already considered one of the top players in the league, Leonard still does not take days off.

His former assistant coach in San Antonio, Chad Forcier, had nothing but positive things to say about his former trainee, praising his shy but intense demeanor.

When interviwed by Eric Koreen of The Athletic, Forcier claimed:

“The trait that you admire about Kawhi is that he’s a tireless worker. He’s had a deep burn to be able to achieve greatness. You could see that early when you first met him. He had a real quiet intensity to him to where he didn’t just want to have a good NBA career or become a solid NBA player, he wanted to become a special one.”

No matter where he was or what the conditions were, Leonard found a way to perfect his game.

One of Leonard’s college coaches had this great story to describe Leonard’s drive:

“I just remember one time they couldn’t get the light in the gym on. So he snuck a lamp from outside the locker room and walked it in and shot basically in the dark.”

After missing almost the entirety of last season, Leonard is out to prove he can still dominate the league. With this level of determination, it seems like the sky is the limit for the dynamic forward.