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PGA Tour is invaded by cheers for Raptors

Raptors video: PGA Tour is invaded by cheers for Toronto

The Toronto Raptors are one win away from claiming the NBA championship. They’re up 3-1 on the Golden State Warriors and they seem to be in complete control. They’re taking over the NBA world.

Now it appears they’re taking over the world in general. At the Canadian Open PGA Tour event, chants of “Let’s Go Raptors” broke out.

Now, to be fair – this is an event in Toronto. That being said, golf isn’t exactly the sport in which fans generally break out in random chants. Yes, golf crowds have gotten louder in recent years, but usually this happens for a certain golfer or a specific moment. Those unrelated chants still aren’t expected.

Even with a 3-1 lead, the Raptors have some work to do. The Warriors haven’t looked like their usual unstoppable selves, but don’t underestimate them.

That being said, it’s fun to see crowds get invested. The entire city seems to be behind the Raptors and that’s even more evident in the video.

It’s been an exciting series so far, so it’s not surprising to see people getting involved. The Warriors came in as the unstoppable dynasty, but have dropped the last two games by double digits.

The Raptors were and are one of the best teams in the NBA, led by Kwahi Leonard. It’s crazy to think about: He is such a levelheaded, low-key person, but he’s the reason for a city going absolutely crazy.

If the Raptors can manage to close out the Warriors, expect to see a lot more of this. If you think the city’s going crazy now, just wait until the Raptors actually win the whole thing.