Raptors news: Philly native Kyle Lowry doesn't want to reminisce about the last time the Sixers and Raptors met in Game 7
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Philly native Kyle Lowry doesn’t want to reminisce about the last time the Sixers and Raptors met in Game 7

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Ahead of a do-or-die Game 7, the Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors players are in two different headspaces.

The Raptors, who play the game at home, can relax and enjoy the creature comforts of home, while the 76ers are on the road in drizzly Toronto – where rain showers are expected on Sunday.

This is not the first time that the Raptors and 76ers have met in a critical Game 7, though last time they did, it was the Sixers rather than the Raps who were playing at home. Previously, the Raps and Sixers duked it out in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals all the way back in 2001.

In that game (in which only 22 three-pointers were attempted and six made in total), the Sixers eked out a tight one-point victory behind 21 points and 16 assists from Allen Iverson – who played all 48 minutes. For the Raps, Vince Carter also played 48 minutes, dropping 20 points, nine assists, seven rebounds, three steals and three blocks in the crippling loss on the road.

Kyle Lowry, a Philadelphia native, had no time for discussion of that Game 7 loss nearly 18 years ago.

Kyle Lowry, though, seemed much more interested in discussing the significance of the Game 7 he’ll play in tomorrow.

No question, this is a huge game for both teams – as Sixers head coach Brett Brown might be in the hot seat if the Sixers lose, and the Raptors might be able to finally defeat their playoff demons if they win.

Game 7s are what make sports great, and this 76ers-Raptors one is no exception.