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Video: The evolution of Kawhi Leonard’s laugh

Kawhi Leonard

Whenever Kawhi Leonard laughs, it’s an event. So when the Toronto Raptors swingman let out an awkward cackle that proved he’s not a robot bereft of feeling any human emotions during Monday’s NBA media day, people on the internet went hog wild.

But those who’ve been watching Leonard closely throughout his rise to basketball superstardom must be very familiar of this maniacal laugh from the two-time Defensive Player of the Year winner. It’s been the way he guffaws all his life, as what this video compilation by Max Preps would confirm.

Kawhi Leonard does laugh. Such moments, however, are so few and far in between that people completely forget that the former San Diego Aztecs star comes with the biological chip responsible for making humans chuckle. In addition, Leonard laughs with the littlest of efforts, which is a direct contrary to the way he plays on the basketball court.

One of the best two-way players of this era, Leonard can do as much damage on offense as on the other end of the court. After a tumultuous and controversial 2017-18 season with the San Antonio Spurs, Leonard is all set to reintroduce himself to NBA fans, who’ve missed him.

Last season, Leonard appeared in only nine games due to a mysterious quad injury that led to the erosion of his relationship with the Spurs and his trade north of the border.