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Video: Horde of Raptors fans celebrate NBA title in streets of Toronto


It’s always special when a team wins a championship, but when it’s the first time a team has ever won a title, the fans usually get a little more excited. Footage of Toronto taken after the Raptors’ championship victory over the Golden State Warriors shows just how much the city loves its team, and just how excited they were to finally win:

Courtesy of blogTO and Toby Gu, the drone footage shared to Twitter shows absolutely packed streets, all filled with Raptors fans sharing in the moment. With fireworks going off and fans climbing on top of anything they could, it was clear that the fans were very happy to finally see their team capture an NBA title.

Celebrations for the Raptors’ first-ever championship are just getting underway, and even though the city celebrated hard on Thursday night, there is still more to come. The Raptors will have a championship parade coming up next week, so the city will once again shut down for a day in order to get one last celebration in before the offseason begins.

With their victory over the Warriors secured, the Raptors can now turn their attention to a very unknown offseason. Not only is Kawhi Leonard a free agent, but reports also suggest that the Washington Wizards will be making a run at Raptors president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri.

Should both members of the team leave, their parting gift will be the first championship the Raptors fans have seen, and even though it would be sad to see either go, Ujiri and Leonard will forever be legends in Toronto.