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[WATCH] Kawhi Leonard actually yells ‘Oh my God’ during game

Kawhi Leonard

Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard is one of the most quiet and stoic individuals in the NBA. You rarely see him make any facial expression and you don’t see him react to a lot of things that’s been happening around him.

So everyone is playing close attention to Leonard whenever he says or do something, in the hopes of getting some type of reaction from the poker-faced All-Star.

Here, fans can hear him screaming loud “Oh my god” before scoring a basket in the second quarter of the Raptors game against the Brooklyn Nets.

It’s unclear whether he fouled before the basket and that’s what triggered the reaction, but you know, this is a big deal, because as one fan on Twitter pointed out.

How long will this make the rounds in social media? Nobody knows. But the ‘first time’ that we saw Leonard laugh after joining the Raptors?

We still can’t get over it.

Most of the controversy that has surrounded Leonard over the past year has died down. He seems to be pretty confident with the Raptors, especially since they’re one of the top teams in the East.

So it’s just fair to say Leonard lets his game do the talking.