Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett might be a terror to quarterbacks, but he knows when to give credit to his enemies when it is due. Such was the case on Sunday during their game against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

Early in the third quarter of the contest, Jackson pulled off beautiful back-to-back passes to tight end Mark Andrews, the second of which was an epic touchdown pass that frustrated a lot of Browns players. Well, except Garrett.

After that ridiculous touchdown pass, Myles Garrett couldn't help but shake the hands of Lamar Jackson. It's definitely the ultimate show of sportsmanship and the best acknowledgment the Ravens QB could get.

It's one thing to get the praise of your teammates, coaches and fans. However, it is another to get the same level of recognition from your biggest rivals and opponents.

What made the scene even better was the reaction of other Browns players on the said play. While Garrett couldn't help but be impressed with what he has seen, his teammate Jadeveon Clowney was caught on camera showing his frustration–which is probably the normal reaction in such instance.

The Ravens ended up winning the contest 16-10, with Jackson finishing with one touchdown after throwing four interceptions in a largely rough night for him. As for Garrett, he had 1.0 sack in the game, though he would certainly prefer getting the W amid a season when the Browns have struggled mightily.