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Ravens coach John Harbaugh refuses to reveal plan for the quarterback position with Joe Flacco healthy

John Harbaugh

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has a plan for the quarterback position once Joe Flacco is healthy enough to play, but he just isn’t going to reveal it. Flacco has been medically cleared to play after dealing with a hip injury, but according to Harbaugh, he didn’t have enough time to get him back into the game plan.

In his weekly news conference, Harbaugh said Flacco will be part of the Ravens’ game plan once he is fully ready to play, but the details are unknown.

“I’ll just have to let you know if we want,” Harbaugh said via The Baltimore Sun. “It could entail anything right now. I know what we want to do. I have a plan. We have a plan. We talked about it. We have to talk to the guys about it, and whether we share that publicly, we’ll decide as the week goes on.”

Lamar Jackson was knocked out of the last few plays of the Ravens game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but Harbaugh insists he will be ready for this weekend’s game.

Harbaugh also made it clear whatever decision the team makes is a football decision:

“It’s a football decision,” Harbaugh said. “Everybody understands what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to put the best football team out there we can from one play to the next. That’s all. That’s always what it’s about, and all those guys sitting in the chairs you’re sitting in now understand that. We don’t make it about anything other than football. We keep it simple.

Joe Flacco hasn’t played since Nov. 4 due to his hip injury. Lamar Jackson had won three starts in a row before losing to the Chiefs in overtime. The Ravens are 7-6 and in second place in the AFC North.