Heading into the offseason, star quarterback Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens are still yet to agree to a new deal. But like many around the Ravens facility, tight end Mark Andrews is pushing Jackson to return in 2023.

During an appearance on Up & Adams, Mark Andrews spoke with Kay Adams about his star quarterback. He made it clear that Lamar Jackson has his full support.

“One thing that Lamar always preaches is that he is a Raven and that he wants to be a Raven. He loves the organization, loves the people, he loves the team. I'm hoping both sides can find a way to get it done because he is such a special player. He is one of my favorite people in the world. He is a great friend, a great person. Just a guy you always want to have around.” said Andrews when speaking about Lamar.

Mark Andrews was then asked about how he sees Lamar Jackson as a person, and how he feels when people question his character.

“It’s tough, but that's the position that he is in. He’s been in that position for a long time. You know, Heisman trophy winner. When you're a quarterback of his caliber, you're going to get these questions and people that talk about it. But you've got to look at Lamar the person. They don't understand exactly what he's going through and how he's feeling and all those types of things. So I think everybody's gotta let Lamar be Lamar. Understand that he's the ultimate competitor. If he could have been out there playing, he would have been out there playing, so give him his respect man.”

While Lamar Jackson’s future with the Ravens is still up in the air, it appears that both sides could be looking to work something out. But even if they can't, Jackson will still have the support of his tight end.