Ravens news: Terrell Suggs thinks Baltimore can be a 'special' team
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Ravens LB Terrell Suggs thinks Baltimore can be a ‘special’ team

Terell Suggs

The Baltimore Ravens are on the brink of capturing their first playoff berth since 2014. Terrell Suggs believes this is a huge step for the team, as he thinks they will morph into something else completely come playoffs time.

Needless to say, there were not many who predicted that the Ravens would find themselves in control of their own destiny to finish out the 2017 NFL season.

That said, Baltimore has since embraced the challenge of not only making it to the playoffs, but making a deep run once they are in. According to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, linebacker Terrell Suggs is confident in the Ravens’ status as a serious contender in the AFC:

“If we win, we are in,” Terrell Suggs said. “Everybody knows that second season, we become a different team; a special team.”

While Suggs’ expectations may be a bit lofty at this point, there is plenty of truth to his comments. After largely flying under the radar all year, the Ravens have now emerged as a prime darkhorse candidate to make the postseason after winning five of their last six games.

Needless to say, this team has more than enough championship experience in the form of Suggs and veteran quarterback Joe Flacco. Meanwhile, the Ravens defense has been among the most opportunistic units in the NFL all year. However, they face a stiff test in a Cincinnati Bengals team that really has nothing to lose at this point in the season finale.