After a deep postseason run, the Boston Red Sox are looking to retool their pitcher rotation. While they already have great slingers like Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi, more pitching talent can't hurt their chances. And based on who they're aiming to get, they really are gunning for the best of the best in the league.

The Boston Globe's Alex Speier reports that the Red Sox are reportedly making contact with every starting MLB pitcher, including Toronto Blue Jays star Robbie Ray. Ray won the Cy Young award last season. Here's Speier's report on the matter:

“The Sox are trying to shore up the rotation with Rodriguez gone. They have had varying degrees of contact with virtually all of the top starters on the market, including Ray. “

Snatching up the reigning best pitcher from the Blue Jays will be a tall task for the Red Sox FO. However, based on the Sox's discussions with Justin Verlander before he returned to the Astros, it seems like the organization is willing to shell out significant assets to get what they want. The Red Sox snagging Robbie Ray will be the perfect way to replace veteran Eduardo Rodriguez.

However, a more realistic option for the Red Sox (and one that they're rumored to be going for big-time) is Ray's teammate Steven Matz. He's likely going to cost significantly less than Ray, and his performance will be more than enough to complement the already great pitching rotation of the Red Sox.

It will be interesting to see how their hunt for a new pitcher will pan out. Can they actually pull off a heist and give Red Sox fans a taste of Robbie Ray's talent? Let's see.