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Ron Rivera, Redskins

Redskins: 3 ways Ron Rivera’s presence immediately improves Washington

The Washington Redskins have made a lot of changes already this offseason. One of the biggest was bringing in a new head coach, Ron Rivera.

After having Jay Gruden the last few years, Washington was clearly ready to head in a different direction. Ron Rivera gives them that.

What advantages does he provide for the Redskins though? You’d be surprised how positive of an impact he will have on the organization, even this early on.

Here are three ways Rivera’s presence immediately improves the situation in Washington.

Taken Seriously

Ron Rivera, Redskins

For as long as I can remember, the Redskins organization has been laughably bad. Seriously think about the franchise. Laughing stock. No one takes them seriously, at all.

Remember when the Los Angeles Rams (at the time St. Louis Rams) were in that miserable stretch? Even they always had that hope and people believed they could turn it around.

With Washington though, there’s just this air. So much about the organization was turning people off.

Ron Rivera changes that quite a bit.

No, not everyone is going to automatically believe in the Redskins again. This could help change perception a good amount though. Ron Rivera is a no-nonsense guy. He preaches discipline and accountability.

He’s someone you can put on as the face, and people will respect him. It might cause a lot less mocking. And maybe players/agents will be more inclined to talk with them.

Discipline and Accountability

Redskins, Ron Rivera


Speaking of discipline and accountability. Those have lacked in the Washington organization for way too long.

I won’t name any names. But remember when a certain coach said a certain quarterback had a bad game because it was “windy”? Really? Wind? That’s what we’re going with?

There is nothing wrong with having a bad game. Every Hall of Fame player ever has had a bunch of them.

It’s not just that either. You just always get the feeling the players were having¬†too much fun. Nothing wrong with fun. But it seemed like some people weren’t taking anything seriously. That’s not going to win many games.

Ron Rivera will buckle down. He’ll make sure players know when they’ve done something wrong. And he won’t protect them from it either. This will help cut back on the incredible amount of penalties and mental errors the Redskins seem to make in games.

Not a “Yes” Man

Redskins, Ron Rivera


Truthfully, you could argue a big part of this positive is Bruce Allen being out as well. The GM seemed to want a coach that thought along his lines.

This caused a lot of rifts on the rare occasions that they were not agreeing on something.

Ron Rivera is not going to let that fly, no matter the GM. He won’t let owner Dan Snyder push him around either.

Rivera is going to let everyone know what/who he wants, and how things are going to work. He will likely be flexible to the players. By that, I mean he will try to get them to play their games and help them be the best players they can be.

The coach won’t be going along with something he does not believe in though. No jobs are guaranteed, every player has to prove himself. Rivera’s starting from square one, and that’s what this franchise needed.