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Redskins RB Adrian Peterson ‘held back tears’ after Derrius Guice injury


In Week 1, the Washington Redskins had Adrian Peterson listed as a healthy inactive – he didn’t dress.

Now heading into Week 2, Peterson is their starter. This all happened because Derrius Guice suffered an injury – a torn meniscus to be exact.

Peterson isn’t happy that this is how he’s getting his starting job back though. In fact, according to an article by Peter Hailey of NBCSports.com, Peterson had to hold back tears.

If this surprises you, you likely haven’t been paying attention. Peterson has been a model teammate with the Redskins. He came in last season after Guice tore his ACL and took on a leadership role immediately.

He also hyped the running backs up last week despite not suiting up. And when Vernon Davis scored and walked back to the sideline crying because of the death of his grandfather, who was the first person to greet him? Adrian Peterson, of course.

Now the player that he has mentored for the last two years is hurt. The player that Peterson guided and who now had a chance to shine and make his own mark on the NFL, just like the Hall of Famer did when he was a youngster.

It’s easy to see how this would upset Peterson greatly. It also speaks volumes to the type of player and person that Peterson is.

The loss of Guice will hurt the team, no doubt. Peterson is there to pick up the slack on offense though, and he’s always ready to be an emotional leader on (and off) the field.