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Redskins rookie QB Dwayne Haskins will start for the remainder of the season

Dwayne Haskins, Redskins

The Washington Redskins have seemingly used their bye week to make an important decision regarding the future of the franchise and their quarterback. Monday afternoon, the team announced that they had decided to name rookie Dwayne Haskins the starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

The decision comes after the entire football world had criticized the Redskins for how they handled throwing Haskins into his first NFL game and whether the 22-year-old was ready. The three games Haskins has played in so far have not gone as planned, as the Ohio State product has thrown for only 284 yards and totaled four interceptions.

Haskins’ talent is not in question, as the 15th overall selection in this past draft had thrown for 50 touchdowns in college, but has struggled with the transition to the NFL.

After flipping from Case Keenum to Colt McCoy, both of whom are not in Washington’s long-term plans, it is calming to finally know that the team will simply let Haskins learn from his mistakes. With other rookie quarterbacks developing before our very eyes in Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray, Haskins will use the rest of this lost season to learn and prepare for next year’s clean slate.

He will presumably have a new coach and one that is intent on developing him into the franchise quarterback he was drafted to be. It is sobering to know that the Redskins are finally moving in some direction towards the future by letting Haskins take the reins.