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Ron Rivera admits no 2nd round NFL Draft pick is a ‘burden’


Washington Redskins coach Ron Rivera knows when going through a rebuild, teams need as many draft picks as possible. In turn, he’s not very happy the team doesn’t have their second-round selection.

“I think that’s going to be a burden, just because of where that second round pick was too,” Rivera said via NBC Sports. “That’s the hard part, you wish you had all your picks.”

Washington was scheduled to have the 34th pick in the draft, but they traded it away last year to the Indianapolis Colts to move up to take Montez Sweat.

Sweat got out to a slow start last season, but he finished the season strong for the Redskins. Rivera is changing the defense to 4-3 and that is something that could really improve his play. Rivera knows even though he wishes he had something, he has to work with what the team has.

“You wish you could get all your picks back, but at the end of the day we have to react to what we have now,” Rivera said, speaking on the Redskins Talk podcast last week in Indianapolis.

As much as Redskins coach wants that second-round pick, if Sweat can continue the strong play from the end of the season, Rivera will probably be happy that he has him on his squad.

If Rivera really wants that second-round pick, the Redskins could always trade back from the second spot and get a second-round pick for this year, and maybe even a draft pick or two for next season.