Redskins news: Ron Rivera reveals his plan to get Trent Williams to return to Washington
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Ron Rivera reveals his plan to get Trent Williams to return to the Redskins

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Left tackle Trent Williams is the best player on the Washington Redskins’ roster. However, the 2019 season wouldn’t show that. He didn’t play a snap after holding out for the first eight weeks due to a holdout involving their medical staff.

When Williams came back to the Redskins’ roster minutes before the trade deadline, he told reporters that their training staff misdiagnosed a rare form of cancer on his head for five years. Washington placed him on the non-football injury list later, tried not to pay him, and ultimately saw their relationship with the seven-time Pro Bowler sour.

The presumption is that Williams will never play a snap wearing a Redskins’ jersey again. He has publicly called out the team and, at the same time, has stated a disinterest of ever playing for them again.

However, there is a chance he will come back. The Redskins fired their previous regime, including Dan Snyder’s henchman Bruce Allen. Now, Ron Rivera is the head coach, a man who has earned rave reviews for his ability to work with players and treat them like family.

According to JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington, Rivera has a plan to get Williams back.

“Well that’s something I’m interested to sit down and talk with the powers that be, the folks that are going to get together and discuss that as we go forward,” Rivera said. “I have an idea of how I want to sit down and visit with him.”

If Rivera can convince the 31-year-old Williams back, it would be a massive boost for a Redskins’ offensive line that failed to protect rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins in 2019. If not, the offensive line could continue to be a unit in shambles entering 2020.