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Redskins’ Rookie Bryce Love needs another knee surgery

The Washington Redskins aren’t having the best of seasons as they have one of the worst records in the NFL (1-6). To make matters worse, it seems that the ACL injury Bryce Love suffered in the preseason hasn’t healed properly.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the rookie running back will undergo the knife for the second time in 2019. JP Finley of NBC Sports Washington confirmed the fans’ biggest doubts with his tweet.

Finlay revealed more details about the injury in his NBC Sports report. The rookie went to famous knee surgeon Dr. James Andrews in Florida as he’s still not recovered from the ACL injury he suffered in his final year at Stanford.

Love’s injury — combined with the dip in production he had during his final college season — caused him to drop to the fourth round of the 2019 Draft. The team still wants to keep him as they kept their rights for four years on his rookie contract.

It’s disappointing that Love isn’t able to play this season as he’s built up a fair share of hype around him. He previously called himself as the best running back of the 2019 class. He also declared that he could run over NFL defenses easily.

However, going under the blade twice is not the way to start your NFL career. The team is still pinning their hopes that he will play an explosive game once he manages to return to the team. After all, his superb running skills are what convinced the Redskins to draft him in spite of his injury history.

Until then, Washington fans will have to endure seeing Adrian Peterson struggle to carry a weak Washington squad against better opposition.