Redskins news: Washington fires head coach Jay Gruden
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Redskins fire head coach Jay Gruden

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Jay Gruden’s six-year association with the Washington Redskins finally came to an end.

The head coach struggled to inspire the Redskins as they struggled to a 0-5 record through the first third of the season. John Keim confirmed the firing to greet disgruntled Washington fans early in the morning.

The Redskins had a tough start to the season, playing teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, and New England Patriots in their first five games. It’s easy to understand why the Redskins would struggle against those teams.

However, they started the season well after a barely losing to the Eagles in Week 1. However, things didn’t get better as they lost against the Cowboys and the Bears by a considerable distance.

Their best chance at snagging a win was in Week 4 against the New York Giants. However, they suffered a lopsided defeat as Daniel Jones put on a show for the devastated Giants fans.

The Patriots game seemed like the straw that broke the camel’s back for Gruden’s reign at the Washington sideline. The game was so bad that there were loud Patriots fans cheering at FedExField.

After the Patriots game, Washington running back Chris Thompson broke down into tears talking about his coach.

Sporting News’ Todd Haislop reports:

“I feel like he was one of the guys that really believed in me,” said Thompson, notably speaking in past tense as if he knew something the reporters didn’t know regarding his coach’s future. “(He) wanted me to stay here and be with him through his whole legacy here as a coach.”

He led 85 games from the sideline as Redskins head coach. He had a subpar win-loss percentage at 42%. He only managed to play one playoff game, and that ended in a loss.

It’s unknown who’ll take his place as the entire team is still in chaos after the firing.