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RUMOR: Trent Williams wants to be a part of Redskins’ Ring of Honor

Trent Williams, Redskins

It’s clear that Trent Williams will not be playing for the Washington Redskins in 2020, as he’s pushing to get his move away from the team. However, he thinks that he’s done enough in his time with the Capital City team to be included in the team’s Ring of Honor.

According to Redskins Wire’s Zahary Neel, Williams still respects the team and its ownership in spite of his desire to move into a team that can pay him big and win more than a couple of football games.

Williams stated that he sincerely respects owner Dan Snyder. Despite his desire to leave, he insists that he’s not leaving the Redskins on bad terms. He also has positive relationships with other important people in the franchise.

The Oklahoma product has been a consistent performer as tackle, making seven All-Pro teams during his nine years with the Redskins. He played 120 games for Washington, starting from the time he was a rookie.

While he’s looking to be included to the Ring when all is said and done, the pressing matter is in getting him off Washington. The Redskins are more than happy to help him complete the trade, but they’ve made it known that they won’t trade him for anything less than his perceived value.

That will make things difficult for all parties involved, and the Redskins may be pushed to take a desperate trade to dump Williams off if no team bites for him.

Whether Trent Williams will be included to the Ring of Honor, only time can tell. Snyder might do it, but it’s also possible for him to not get close to the Ring at all.