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Redskins rumors: Washington has ‘no real desire’ to trade up from No. 15 in the NFL Draft

There’s been a lot of conflicting reports surrounding the Washington Redskins the past couple of days. Yesterday, Twitter was buzzing with reports that the Redskins were looking to trade up, possibly into the top five. The rumors indicated they had their eye on Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

With the start of the draft just hours away, we’re finally getting some pushback on that. According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, the Redskins have “no real desire to move” and that calls they’ve been making are just “Bruce Allen being Bruce Allen.”

If the Redskins don’t move up from the 15th overall pick, it’s extremely unlikely they’d be able to draft Haskins. Washington is in an especially tough spot because they have several quarterbacks on the roster, but not a franchise one. Alex Smith isn’t going to play in 2019, and his career might be over. Colt McCoy is dealing with a leg injury of his own, and hasn’t shown a ton of promise as a starter.

The Redskins also traded for Case Keenum this offseason, but he’s probably not the longterm answer. The Redskins have a lot of stopgap options, and there’s reportedly a split between the front office and coaching staff on whether or not they need to draft a rookie.

With all the dysfunction that’s commonly associated with the Redskins, they’ll be one of the most interesting teams to monitor during this draft. If they don’t want to move up from 15 but still want to draft a passer, perhaps Duke’s Daniel Jones could be an option for them. It’s unclear who has been steering all these leaks and what their motives are, but fortunately we should know soon enough.