Reggie Miller thinks he would have lost a three-point contest to Larry Bird
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Reggie Miller thinks he would have lost a three-point contest to Larry Bird

Once one of the most confident and cocky NBA players in the league, Reggie Miller is bowing down to another shooter.

While guest hosting the Dan Patrick Show this week, Miller surprisingly admitted that he thinks Larry Bird would have beaten him in a three-point shooting contest.

Miller played against and for Bird in his career with the Indiana Pacers. Miller was the all-time leader in three-point makes until Ray Allen broke the record. Bird was never that prolific of a three-point shooter if only because of the era he played in, but he still hit 37.6 percent for his career.

Here’s what Miller had to say, courtesy of The Indianapolis Star’s Phil Friend.

“He makes some unbelievable shots and threes against us. Obviously, I was a young lad when they beat us in five games in the 1991 playoffs, but I’ve seen him make some unbelievable shots. You talk about confidence and cocky like Lilly King, the mold was done by Larry Legend.”

Bird was a guest on the show and responded with this.

“Here’s how I’ll put it, Reggie. If you were my teammate in the pros, I would win, hands down. If I have the opportunity to coach you, I’d say you win.”

Definitely some mutual respect from both Miller and Bird. Clearly particularly fond of Larry Legend, Miller knows his place in this debate and it’s not on Bird’s level.

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