Danny Ainge has made it very clear to the rest of the league that the Boston Celtics‘ third overall pick is on the table for the taking, for the right price.

It was reported over a week ago that the C's are aggressively shopping their heralded number three pick (not to the surprise of anyone), but Ainge, the team's president and general manager, is yet to find a suitable trade partner.

That doesn't mean he hasn't exhausted a number of possibilities.

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Boston has offered the third pick in trade packages for various talented players, including Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward, Jabari Parker, and Khris Middleton.

All of those offers have been rejected.

jimmy butler
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Stein goes on to say that the Jazz have made Hayward unavailable, and the Bucks have done the same with both Parker and Middleton.

In the case of Butler, Stein states that Chicago is simply uninterested, just like they were when Ainge made a similar offer before the trade deadline.

It's unknown who the Celtics will take if they end of keeping the pick. With three draft picks in the first round, Boston's front office is determined to use their assets to bring in an established player to bolster their roster, rather than a bunch of rookies.

Even if they end up making all of their picks tomorrow night, they can easily swap them in deals afterward. It's not unprecedented; Kobe Bryant immediately comes to mind, but there have been many others.

We'll have to wait and see what Ainge is able to cook up as the draft approaches, and then subsequently unfolds. The impact of these kinds of moves are often felt for years after they're made by the participating organizations, and Ainge is one of the best in the business at yielding positive results.

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