Arcade Basketball and Roguelite – two genres we never thought would come together – are the two names of the game for the upcoming title RoboDunk, whose Prologue demo is out now on Steam.

Developed and published by Jollypunch Games, RoboDunk is a two-on-two NBA Jam-inspired “dunkball combat” game. Players will be able to perform high-flying dunks from outer space while avoiding the defending team’s slam, traps, and tricks.

As a roguelite, RoboDunk will allow players to choose their path among randomized matches with unique rewards, rules, traps, and opponents. This also means that one basketball court will be different in every match, with traps, tornadoes, jump pads, and meteors. You also get to customize your robots with new skills, upgrades, and stat boosts that you get through the game’s massive skill tree, earned every match won.

RoboDunk Prologue will also feature a local multiplayer mode, just like its inspiration, NBA Jam.’

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RoboDunk will be coming out exclusively on PC through Steam sometime this 2023.

Play Robot Masters Mode in RoboDunk Prologue

RoboDunk’s demo version has a cool feature that those interested in playing the game shouldn’t miss: it starts out with the Robot Masters game mode, a Megaman-inspired boss rush mode where you get to decide which Robot Master to fight first, stealing their skills and abilities when you beat them for you to use on your next match. We do hope that this game mode stays in the full game, though. So, if you get to play RoboDunk Prologue and you enjoy the Robot Masters Mode, be sure to let the devs know!